One Last

So, I've been thinking. Aren't people always late? Well, maybe sometimes for work, but what I'm trying to say is, usually when they have something to tell to someone, they won't be able to tell it to the person not until that person is dead or gone wherein they will regret their decision of not…Read more One Last


2016: The Biggest Year Yet?

Every start and end of a year, we always say that the year is going to be the biggest year yet. Admit it. I'm pretty sure you have been telling yourself that for how many years already. But last year, was the biggest year yet. So much has happened and I know I won't be…Read more 2016: The Biggest Year Yet?

New Year’s End

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock... December 31, 2015, ah, New Year's eve. Everyone was busy preparing for the last celebration of the year. And when I say everyone, I also meant me. Yes, I was also busy, busy at cleaning my stuff. I have this tendency of being a neat freak every…Read more New Year’s End


First Day, First Thoughts

So, here's kinda like a recap of what happened to me during the first day of the year, 2015. "This mind of mine won't stop thinking. I need to sleep now. I still need to wake up early later. Dammit, school. Why does my schedule have to be so early? I don't wanna go to…Read more First Day, First Thoughts


Happy New Year

365 days have passed. Everything happened like it just dashed.   A lot happened within a year. Specifically a choice for a future career. A decision was made in this case. So a simple yes or no took place.   Step by step. I had no regrets. If this was a mistake. I'll never hit the brake.  …Read more Happy New Year