I Remain

Image from Today's Carolinian 2 years ago, I was but one of the students who took the challenge to run for the¬†university student council. As much as I was thrilled about the thought of running, I was terrified at the same time, to the point that I started to question if I was making the…Read more I Remain



4 years ago today, I was about to take on the last stand of my high school years. I told myself that I'm gonna do my best to make my parents proud. "When I go up to the stage to get my diploma and medal, I want them to be telling their friends: "That's my…Read more Enough

First Day, First Thoughts

So, here's kinda like a recap of what happened to me during the first day of the year, 2015. "This mind of mine won't stop thinking. I need to sleep now. I still need to wake up early later. Dammit, school. Why does my schedule have to be so early? I don't wanna go to…Read more First Day, First Thoughts


The Future Is in Your Hands

One academic year has passed and that one year is going to be a one and a half academic year soon. Yes, one and a half academic year. That's how long I've been staying in this program that I don't have a passion for. Maybe I should have spoken up in the first place. College…Read more The Future Is in Your Hands