Growing Up

Image from Steven Lim's video, "Restaurant Kid" Growing up was kinda hard for me. I had such super busy parents because they had to keep up with our business in order to support my brother and I for our educational needs and of course, our needs as a family. I can't deny the fact that…Read more Growing Up



4 years ago today, I was about to take on the last stand of my high school years. I told myself that I'm gonna do my best to make my parents proud. "When I go up to the stage to get my diploma and medal, I want them to be telling their friends: "That's my…Read more Enough

January 30, 2016

... ♪ Picture perfect memories, Scattered all around the floor. ♪ ... ... Shit. Am I drunk? But I only drank thrice. Hmmm... I don't think so. I mean, I still have full control of my mind. I'm probably just tipsy. God, I feel like vomiting. Is this how they feel? This feels terrible. All…Read more January 30, 2016


Who Are You?

A simple question, yet, I don't know how to answer properly. A question so common, yet, I am struggling trying to find the correct answer. An everyday question that even I, ask myself, who am I? I couldn't possibly be the only one, right? I mean, I can answer it. Everyone can. But to answer it with…Read more Who Are You?


I Should Have, But I Didn’t

Stopping of the world, slowing of time. You don't see these situations happen in the actual world. Our imagination is only limited to our minds, and there's a perfectly good reason why it should be. ... I saw you today. Call me crazy, but it felt like the world actually stopped. Time actually felt slower…Read more I Should Have, But I Didn’t


New Year’s End

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock... December 31, 2015, ah, New Year's eve. Everyone was busy preparing for the last celebration of the year. And when I say everyone, I also meant me. Yes, I was also busy, busy at cleaning my stuff. I have this tendency of being a neat freak every…Read more New Year’s End


There’s Still Time

I've been living for 18 years in this world of ours. And in my 18th year, I have come to realize that, there isn't much enough time left for me here on Earth, there isn't much enough time for me to do all the stuff that I really wanna do. As I was still about…Read more There’s Still Time