Who I Am


The name’s Shawn Michael Go, 20 years old, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering student, and. . . well, you’ll know more of me every post of the way if you hit that follow button.

I started this blog way back December 29, 2014. Main reason? I just wanted to start my own blog. I was inspired actually, though I can’t remember specifically which blog it was that inspired me to start my own. I was just like, “You know what, if this guy can publish a post, what makes me not capable of publishing a post too?” I wanted to write my experiences down. I wanted to share my thoughts about certain topics. I wanted an avenue for me to channel all my emotions to. So, here I am in WordPress, slowly building up my blog.

Starting this blog was very awkward for me because I was never used to sharing my own words online. As you may have noticed, the first few posts were kind of awkward. I’m an awkward turtle by heart. Anyway, as first post turned to second post then to third, I have started to feel a little bit comfortable in doing this thing. You will even get more comfortable once you get to see comments on your posts. Lifts up your confidence.

I tend to create posts that are personal to me, mostly based on experience and what I felt on that exact moment. Words flow from my mind to this white page through my fingers quite easily if I make it in the moment instead of doing it on another day while trying to clearly remember everything what I felt on that moment.

New posts every Saturday in the Asia-Pacific region and Friday everywhere else.

That was my initial plan though. I tried to comply with it, but it was impossible for me to keep up with another topic to talk about in the following weeks. My life’s pretty boring to have a lot of new topics to talk about every week. And I don’t want to post about my emotions all the time because if that was the case, all of my posts would have been similar in content. As much as possible, my goal is to have at least a post per month. A post or two wouldn’t hurt.

Nothing extraordinary. This is just a kid challenging himself in life.


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