2016: The Biggest Year Yet?

Every start and end of a year, we always say that the year is going to be the biggest year yet. Admit it. I’m pretty sure you have been telling yourself that for how many years already. But last year, was the biggest year yet.

So much has happened and I know I won’t be able to remember all of it, so here’s just a small recap of what I can remember of what happened last year.


Photo from STAND-USC

For a year from 2015 to 2016, I served the student body as a councilor of our Supreme Student Council in our university. After finishing my term, I ran again for the same position, but this time, I had struggles to bring with me. I had to deal with my mental health. I had to adjust to the 70% passing rate for my engineering majors and 75% for my engineering math courses from the usual 50% passing rate for GE courses and subjective and objective type of grading for my designs and artworks. By the end of the semester, I was really disappointed with my academic performance and one could really tell that it was my worst semester since I started in the university. Despite all the disastrous happenings, before the semester ended, the student body gave me another chance to serve them once again, garnering enough votes to be ranked as 1st in the councilorial race. (No, this still can’t cover all my failures in the academic field.) I just hope they didn’t mistakenly clicked on my name while they were voting.


Photo from Today’s Carolinian

Second term as a councilor had started and projects, activities, and events were piling up. Studies had to be continued because I needed to take up summer classes in order to make up for the time I enrolled for my previous programs. Adjustments had to be made because despite being familiar with the work environment, I was working with different people, different people with different personalities, advocacy, and work ethic. My first time taking up summer class was worthwhile. It’s an experience I will never forget. My teacher said that I was performing well in his class! How cool is that?


Photo from Enactus-USC

I can clearly remember back then, I told a friend, “I don’t like joining extracurricular organizations.” After 2 years, guess who just ate his words. Enactus-USC, an extracurricular organization in our university that is aimed to help the different communities of the city through entrepreneurial action, started accepting students from different programs. I already had a small background about the organization before joining from my cousin who used to be a member of it. I applied, had my interview, and right after a week, I was already wondering why there hasn’t been any news regarding our applications. I was so worried that I wouldn’t make it through the cut. I was even so close to submitting another application for another organization. But I told myself to just wait, calm down, and get on with my studies for now. After weeks of anticipation, I saw a post in their page with the list of applicants who made it to the organization. THE WAIT WAS TOTES WORTH IT. After some time, I was appointed as the Vice President for Finance because the previous officer became inactive. I took this opportunity as a challenge for myself in terms of time management. Though at first, I was still trying to juggle my responsibilities with my studies, as an SSC Councilor, and as an officer of this organization, in the end, it was all worth it. 100% no regrets.

When it came to my studies, it was a rebirth. Grades were fairly good. I now had a good hold of what being an industrial engineer actually means and what I am capable of doing as one. To top it all of, I got to talk with one of my instructors whom I kind of had the same struggles with. It was random and he gave me some advice on how to cope up with mental health. And he called me smart! Yeah, just call me smart and you can make my day better.


Photo from Enactus-USC

To cap of the year, Enactus-USC brought back “Enactus-USC Gives Back 2016.” Christmas has always been the season of giving. So this year, we went around the city of Cebu, looking for homeless and less fortunate people. The look of their faces once you hand out a bag of goods, their smiles just fuel you up more. Though there were others who weren’t able to receive (We’re sorry!), at least we were able to help some of them. It might seem small of an activity, but it’s actually the highlight of my year. To more firsts!

To end this post, I’d like to quote one of my favorite YouTubers, Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions. This post was based on how they made their recent annual recap. (Check the video here!) Anyway, quoting Philip Wang: “If history has taught us anything, 2017 will be our biggest year yet.”


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