Silently Observing


Most of the time, you’d probably see me with my friends all around the campus, walking, laughing, eating. Yep. That is, if I’m with my friends. When I’m not, it’s a different side that I show to people. Well in fact, I have different sides in me that I project to different groups of people. It’s like having different forms, changing from one form to another every time depending on the people I am with. Much like how some Pokémon change forms when they’re in different situations. So basically, this is gonna be a post about how Pokémon and I have such similar-I’m only joking.

I have the tendency, when I’m with people that I’m not that really close with, to just observe everything in my vision. My opinions probably wouldn’t even matter to them, so why talk when you can just shut up and observe, right? Because of this, people usually think that I’m bored, or made a huge mistake in hanging out with them, or just sleepy. (I’m Asian, okay? I have sleepy eyes. It ain’t my fault that my eyes look like that all the time.) Aside from the fact that I am clearly an Asian, I also have this face that people usually mistake for as an I’m-not-interested-with-you face when in fact, it’s just my resting bitch face. It’s kinda glued to my face like since forever.

From hand gestures, to your face (most especially the mouth), to the disturbing stuff that happen all around you. Yeah, it’s all recorded right here in my mind. I remember the unimportant facts rather than the important ones. That’s why I’m failing college. But no, I do get to notice the different signals people do. From the hair flipping, to the hand signals, to the facial expressions, and most of all, the different creative ways people can do with their eyes. Since the dawn of humanity, we have improved so much in terms of giving signals. From the rock throwing to the super clear mad faces we used to make, we have finally developed a way to give off a flare with just a wink of an eye. Innovation at its finest.

But speaking of winks, did it mean anything?


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