Who Are You?


A simple question, yet, I don’t know how to answer properly. A question so common, yet, I am struggling trying to find the correct answer. An everyday question that even I, ask myself, who am I?

I couldn’t possibly be the only one, right? I mean, I can answer it. Everyone can. But to answer it with all honesty? To answer it wholeheartedly? That’s something impossible for me to do.

It’s one of those questions that I don’t want to be asked because I would get so irritated of myself for not being able to answer it sincerely. I’m not saying that I have been lying to everyone this whole time about my identity, the identity I have given or shared to everyone is still true, but I just couldn’t stop feeling like I was adding spoonfuls of sugar to my words. Like I wasn’t actually describing myself? Like I only lied? It’s like having a plastic surgery just so people wouldn’t notice the, let us say, “imperfections,” that were actually there.

Not that I don’t know my self. I know who I am. I’m just scared that I might add stuff that I am actually not. I don’t wanna describe myself as someone who I’m not. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to do this.

I would rather have like a best friend or someone who knows me well to answer it for me. That way, I can assure the recipient that the answer is not sugarcoated by me because I know how my friends describe me. But that would be weird, for example, in going to interviews, I would have to bring someone with me every time just for the describe-yourself-as-an-employee or -leader part.

Yeah, it’s a hard life.


3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. I think it is hard for us to understand exactly why we do what we do. Without hesitation, we add or subtract certain aspects of our lives to make us seem more appealing. Sometimes the phrase, “your friends know you better than you do,” is alarmingly true. Reading and understanding people would be much simpler if we could all describe ourselves like our best friend would describe us. We get so caught up in trying to fit in that we lose our identity.


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