There’s Still Time


I’ve been living for 18 years in this world of ours. And in my 18th year, I have come to realize that, there isn’t much enough time left for me here on Earth, there isn’t much enough time for me to do all the stuff that I really wanna do. As I was still about to reach to this point of my life, all I ever did was waste it. Yes, I do say that time is gold all the time, but I never said those words like I actually mean it. Because I always thought that I still have enough time left here, when in fact, I don’t.

At the age of 16, I was a college freshman, taking up Computer Science.
At the age of 17, a 2nd Year, but now taking up Fine Arts majoring in Advertising Arts. That’s back to being a freshman for me.
At the age of 18, a 3rd Year, but now taking up Industrial Engineering. Back to being a 2nd Year.
Not only am I wasting my time, I’m also wasting my parents’ money. You know, I’m supposed to graduate next year with a degree in Computer Science. My parents would have been so happy to me. They never cared about my grades. They never cared about what I do in school. All they wanted was for me to graduate. They never wanted anything aside from that. But no, I had to complain, I had to nag, I had to whine. Right now, I failed them. So here’s to an extension of years for my college life. You really did it, Shawn.

And that’s not the end of it. All the people right now that knows about me, they probably see me as someone who has no idea what to do in the future, someone who doesn’t know what he really wants to do in life, someone who doesn’t know what he craves for to do, someone who doesn’t know what his passion is, someone who doesn’t have a direction in life. You know how it feels to hear those words? It hurts. Very much. What hurts even more? It affects your potential partner too. To all the people who got affected by me because of this, I’m truly sorry and I hope you’d still give me another chance to prove myself.

So yeah, if you’ve reached to this point of this post (which I hardly doubt you would), you probably have said, “This is basically all you’re fault you know.” Yeah, yeah. I know. It is my fault. And. . . I’ve got nothing else to say actually. It’s my fault.

But you know, at least now, I am enjoying the current program that I’m taking. Yeah, I wasted a lot of stuff for being directionless in life, but as time passed by, I learned. Because of this, I know what I need to do now, I know what I wanna do in the future now, I know what I wanna do in my life now. To all the people who always thought of me as just a kid who doesn’t know what he wants, well guess what, this kid is growing up and he knows what he wants in his life. He has a goal. He has a dream. He has a sense of direction now. My time here is running out, but I’ll make the most out of it with the remaining. This is a point of no return.


One thought on “There’s Still Time

  1. Dont mind those people. Alteast you’re enjoying your current course. Its not nice man sad if imo iforce imo self into something na di ka maenjoy and atleast you shifted not because you failed but because you have found what you really want to do in your entire life :)be positive always!

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