First Day, First Thoughts


So, here’s kinda like a recap of what happened to me during the first day of the year, 2015.

“This mind of mine won’t stop thinking. I need to sleep now. I still need to wake up early later. Dammit, school. Why does my schedule have to be so early? I don’t wanna go to school. I don’t really have any friends in some of my class. I only get to meet my friends during lunch time. Why, life?!

First day of class for the year, 2015. Was late for my Religious Education class. Such a nice way to welcome the new year. Well, it’s better to be late than absent.

Okay. It is 08:30 AM and it is now time for, guess what, Math class! *sigh* Maybe I should have taken up an Engineering program, like Chemical or Industrial Engineering. All the Math courses I took. All for nothing. Oh well, I didn’t show that much effort in studying the courses anyway.

Why am I even here right now? Oh right! Because I love to draw. Hey, guess what. Engineering needs drawings too. GAAAH!

Ah, Chemistry class. People talking here and there. Take me home, God! *sings “Take Me to Church” in mind* God, why am I so random when I’m all alone. And funny. I should really have my own YouTube channel.

Sociology class, okay. Not trying to be mean here, but why was this prof allowed to teach? We can’t understand her handwriting. It looks like scribbles! Until now, she still hasn’t discussed about social issues. This is stressing me out.

Break. Finally! I could have died if that class was for 2 hours. Time to go to the library and act like I’m gonna study there.

12:30 PM and it’s now time for Philosophy class. I like how our prof speaks. She’s so fluent and has an extensive vocabulary, not to mention her accent, oh my God! I would love to have those in me too.

Thank God, we’re done with class. Time for me to eat lunch and meet my friends! Woohoo!

You know, I’m lucky to have these people as my friends. I don’t really care if I don’t really have that much of friends. All I need are people who can help me in my life as I help them with their lives too. I can’t believe I’m one lucky bastard.

Okay. Friends are going to class. Time for me to stay in the library, again. I hope I won’t oversleep, again.

Whoa! I can’t believe I slept for a while. Thank God, it’s still 03:30 PM. I’m not going to be that late for class. Need to hurry now.

Filipino. Why can’t I understand you?! I can’t understand a thing what my prof is trying to say. I wonder when my nose will start bleeding?

Well, that was kinda quick. No more Filipino class! WOOHOO! Time for another break. GAAAAAH! Worst schedule ever.

Last class of the day! And it’s PE. UGH! Kill me now. I hope our prof’s absent again. I don’t wanna play basketball. I’m a total embarrassment.

Oh God, he’s here. Well, nothing I can do about that. Oh, okay. He’s just here to tell us something and check the attendance. YES! I can go home! Thank you, Sir! I love you for not holding a proper class today!”

So, yeah. That’s kinda like how my first day went.

Leave a comment if you guys like it! I’m out. Peace!


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