Death Awaits


I left an unfinished note in my phone for days. Here is what it says:

“I’m currently making this blog entry, in my phone’s notepad, while walking. Yes. I do know the hazards of using your phone while walking. That is why I’m doing this. I mean, if death really comes to take you, you just can’t stop that from happening, right? Death is unstoppable. Death is inescapable.”

This note of mine got me thinking of my own death. Makes me wonder how I would die. So many questions popped out of the blue.

How will I leave this planet?

Will people visit my funeral?

Will I cause a huge impact to some people?

What will happen to me after dying?

Am I going to heaven or hell?

Are those two even real?

Yeah. Curiosity got me. As much as I don’t pay attention to my Religious Education class, I just can’t stop myself from feeling intrigued about what really is up and down there.

People say that I just have a lot of problems and I tend to over-think about it too much. Yes, I do tend to over-think most of the time. Over-thinking leads me to depression then makes me break down and cry. The best part about over-thinking is that I get to have some alone time, which is good and bad for me at the same time because it leads to depression then I start to break down and cry.

You know what’s so scary about death? It’s that it could happen any time, anywhere. I mean, after publishing this post, I could just die because of some random sickness. We’ll never know. Death is unpredictable.


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