Forever 17


Ever feel like a bird stuck inside a cage, like forever? When instead of flying high up in the sky with your friends, feeling the breeze, or looking for an oblivious target for you and the gang to poop on, you’re stuck inside a cage. Although you are taken good care of by your owner, but still, it feels different when you’re with friends rather than being stuck inside a cage. Don’t worry, brothers and sisters, I totally feel you.

Going to be 18 soon. Yes, finally! I have been waiting for this moment to come! My parents are finally gonna stop treating me like a hopeless little girl. But alas, I spoke too soon.

A friend of mine invited me to go with them some place else. Got so excited, I asked my mom directly for permission. Even though I already know what she was going to answer, I still asked her in hope of a new answer, in hope of being treated like an adult. Well, sometimes, you can’t expect for your expectations to actually happen.

I guess sometimes, you can’t have everything you want directly. People would say that my parents are just being overprotective. But in an introverted and depressed guy’s perspective, it just doesn’t go like that.


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