Socialize or Not?


I learned from my Sociology class that, we were born to socialize. It is in our very nature to socialize with other people. No man’s an island. But is this true?

In my experience, socializing is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re not really that super friendly type of person. You have to think of what to say and whether your words may or may not affect the person you’re talking to. Questions like “do I want to continue this conversation” or “should I mention this topic or not” are just some questions that need to be answered first in the minds of people before speaking up.

Some though, avoid socializing. Being alone helps people understand more of themselves because they get to focus on thinking about their lives without having that much of a distraction. But sometimes, I guess being alone can lead to over thinking, and if too much, can lead to insanity.

But as what people say, we should socialize. Talk to people. Ask for their phone numbers. Keep in touch with them. Some of them might not be there for us in the future, but meeting and knowing about their existence wasn’t a mistake too. Learn from them while you can.

What do you think? Were we born to socialize?


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