I wasn’t that popular kid in school who people noticed. I wasn’t that lonesome kid either who people didn’t even know that existed. I was just, there.

I described myself as one of the bubbliest person ever existed in this world of ours. I would laugh at almost everything. Insults, teases, discriminations? I would just ignore and laugh my heart out over it.

Well, that was me back then.

But as years passed, I started to feel different.

I tend to push people away from me. I preferred to be alone. I would do group works by myself and just share the credit afterwards. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, even with my own family. I started to feel weird inside.

Then I knew I was depressed. As time flew, it slowly became a part of me.

From the change of appetite to social anxiety to my suicidal thoughts, I wanted everything to stop. I didn’t want to live anymore. I tried to end my existence, but I wasn’t willing enough to persist.

Everyday is a constant struggle.

Everyday is another day for me to pity myself.

Everyday, I try to put myself to rest forever.

Even up to this point, nothing has changed. It only got worse.


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