The Future Is in Your Hands


One academic year has passed and that one year is going to be a one and a half academic year soon. Yes, one and a half academic year. That’s how long I’ve been staying in this program that I don’t have a passion for. Maybe I should have spoken up in the first place.

College is basically a stepping stone of a person’s future. A preparation for him or her to work soon in his or her desired job after learning all about the field he or she took up. Although the road might seem rough, never give up. This is for the future and you’re shaping it in the way you want it to be.

Whatever you do, don’t ever let anyone choose your future. When we were born, we were given a diary. Each one of us is fated to fill the barren pages of our own diary. Record everything, from the minor events to the major events if you want your doings to be remembered for generations.

Only the owner can hold the pen for the others’ have their own to fill.

Remember, this is your life, not their’s. But sometimes, there’s fate.


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